Reasons to get this system:

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This is the only website on the internet that can provide you with a very creative and a user-friendly Accounting System that is built entirely on Microsoft's Excel platform.

Accounting Professionals everywhere love Microsoft Excel. This is due to its unparalleled simplicity and flexibility.

With our product, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  1. The familiarity, practicality and warmth of the Excel environment.

  2. Clear usage of Double-Entry principle ( Debit/Credit ).

  3. Simplicity at its best: Only 2 sheets to work with.

  4. Macro-Free = Enhanced Security.

  5. Four-in-One ! Chart of Accounts + Trial Balance + Income Statement + Balance Sheet, All in One Sheet !

  6. Ability to choose reporting periods (From Date / To Date).

  7. Generate Statements of Accounts for any account or groups of accounts at your convenience.

  8. Easily find any entries, words, values, dates and texts you entered.

  9. Feel free to copy/paste anything from this system into a blank excel file.

  10. All your important financials in one Excel file - makes it easier to secure and Backup.

  11. Transfer your current Accounts Names. It's literally as easy as Copy/Paste !

  12. No Accounts Codes/Numbers needed, its fully functional using Accounts Names only !

  13. Filter option active for optimal reporting results.

  14. Cells and sheets are locked and protected to prevent mistakes and accidental errors.

  15. User Manual/Guide included to explain the purposes/usage of each item in the system.

  16. A Free Demo/Example File is available before purchase for you to explore the system and test-drive it.

  17. Excellent choice for companies that work in the Services Sector, such as Consultancy, Shipping, Auditing, non-inventory kind of businesses in general.

  18. Keep using your current various forms ( vouchers, invoices, slips, etc. ).

  19. Free After-Sale support.

  20. Long Story Short: This is the most efficient, practical, simple and affordable Accounting/Bookkeeping System/Program/Software on the web, hands-down ! It's a must-own for every accountant.